We are trustworthy, 100% pure and natural herbs suppliers, wholesalers and exporters in Egypt and all around the world.

About AL


Numerous customers and business partners around the world are sponsored by us. Our partners are internationally renowned and trusted. Herbal products are hygienically obtained and extracted by means of ethical implementation of international standards and techniques, and are stored and packaged in our stores. Our essential natural herbs are made of 100% natural plant extracts and therefore have no harmful side effects.



We are dedicated to supplying and exporting the premium quality from spices, herbs and Seeds.We are confident in our ability to build healthy relationships based on integrity. Our consultations in the food industry are unique and the cornerstone of our commitment.

Our responsibility :  is to ensure that we provide excellent services beyond Clients expectation and total satisfaction to meet customers’ demand and value for money desired to our clients who are our partners and the reason for our being in business. We shall on a continuous basis strive hard always to meet and exceed their expectations at fair and reasonable prices.